Monday, March 6, 2017

One week

Originally we were going to wait on getting peep peeps until after our yearly ECCC foray, but I just couldn't pass up the chance to pick up the breeds we wanted when they were available. So, I enlisted the help of my Sister to stay at our place and play Chick BabySitter. She also acquired 4 additional peep peeps from the Co-Op, so now we're up to 8.
Even with the almost 2 week difference in age, they're doing really well together. No pecking problems, the big ones tolerate the little ones snuggling under them for warmth. It's pretty cute.

Here's some interesting details I've noted over the last week:
  • Chicks are narcoleptic. Seriously, they seem to pass out anywhere at any time. The older they get the less frequent and more deliberate sleeping positions come about, but 2-5 days old they just fall over asleep. They've fallen asleep heads in the food dish. Glad they can't do that with the water...
  • Chicken math is a real thing. We believe it is something like N+16.
    We were going to do 6, now we're at 8, with the plan of 3 more in the summer - a farm up here is breeding Death Layers. They look awesome, they're rare and they lay eggs til death. I still want a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, maybe a double lace. They are so pretty.
     As I said - chicken math.
  • They grow SO FAST. Like holy crap they grow fast.
  • We'll be naming ours after the characters in the 1984 movie Top Secret. I'm still sorting out who's who. 
  • The huskies aren't sure what to make of them yet. Tau wants to play with them, but so far neither of them seem to want to EAT them. I'm hoping with the proper separation of space we have between coop and dog area they will not become dog playthings. Here's hoping anyway.
  • The cat doesn't seem to care.
Tau carefully watching the peep peeps
These are gonna be some dark RIRs. The bottom one is unconscious
Barred rock growing up so fast *sniff*
Group shot