Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day 1

It's been a full day since the baby chicks hopped into a little box at the feed store and scootched their way into the car. The evening was full of 'peep peep' but they soon quieted down and seem to have become accustomed to their surroundings.

They've survived the first 24 hours, and seem to be thriving so far.

We ended up with 2 Barred Rocks and 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes. Friday the co-op will get a batch of Dark Red Rhode Island chicks, we'll try to snag a couple of those.

Of course chicken math applies. Phil calls it 'N+12'. We have plans to expand the coop already, it could fit 8 comfortably but we want them to have lots of room. I've already picked out and reserved chicks from a local farm that are rare, and we'll get those in August.

So yeah, chicken math + the chicken bug = we're just starting with chickens and already have so many picked out.

We'll start with these 4, though, and see if we can't keep them alive. Boy they sleep strangely sometimes.

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