Tuesday, April 4, 2017

One Month

Time really flies sometimes. Get up, check the chicks, water, feed, go to work, work hard, get home, water feed play and pass out. Wash rinse repeat.

I really wanted to capture more of their growth but I guess I just wasn't committed enough. Ah well. Thanks to chicken math this won't be the last set of chicks. In fact, I already bought more. Surprise!

The Barred Rocks are about 6 weeks now, the Silver Laced Wyandottes are 5 and the Rode Islands are 4. We still have some final touches to put on their coop and run next weekend, but with a new fence up and gate replaced, we're very close. I'll likely let them run around in their run this weekend and will capture some real pictures, instead of using my cellphone.

Just to make things interesting, I picked up 3 straight run Bantam Cochins from the 'assorted bin' last weekend. I thought chicks were small, then I held these guys and was blown away. I believe I've identified who will be what, but we'll see. Something about not knowing sex and breed is very blind-boxy to me. Best guess so far is a Partridge, a Golden Laced and a Birchen. They will be cute and colorful and I'm happy to get some.

I think they'll add a fun dynamic to our mix. At least, it will keep things interesting.
Counterclockwise from top:
Avant-garde (BR), Chocolate Mousse (RR), Croissant (RR), Souffle (RR), and Deja Vu (SLW) (missing RR is Escargot)
Détente and Montage

Avant Guarde. Am I a boy or a girl? I don't know yet!
I'm whiter than Détente but don't have the super prominent comb the boys get.
It's still redder than Détente's though!

These chicks hopped into my basket at the co-op without me noticing. Go figure!
The chipmunk one we've named Chip and the brown one we've named Dale. I still hope they are girls!
Still coming up with a name for the black/grey/brown one on the left. Edit- we're going with 'Eleven'.

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